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Mayan prophecy

"The Earth do not belong to human , but the human belong to the earth" - from "Maya prophecy"

According to the Mayan prophecy that now we live on Earth, it is the sun at the 5th century, and will end in de December 21, 2012, so far, Earth has been four Sun Ji, and in the end of each discipline will be accompanied by the destruction of an earth-shattering.

The first Sun Ji - MATLACTIL ART (the root of civilization Aceh), and finally destroyed as a flood, someone believe that is noya flood.

Sun Ji-second - Ehecatl, the snake was the wind blowing away the scattered and destroyed.

Sun Ji-third - Tleyquiyahuillo, it is because of heavy rain while on the road to fire Road to Perdition, and it is thus the ancient nuclear war.

Sun Ji-fourth - Tzontlilic, is also under fire raging rain caused the demise of the land cover.

Mayan prophecy also said that from the first discipline to the end of the fourth sun, the earth are plunged into unprecedented chaos, and could not bear to suffer a series of gambling, before the next tragedy ended in the demise of the Earth, we will get a warning firstly.

the last chapter of Mayan prophecy, most of the records of age, and the record of those years as collusion good, all in the "Fifth Sun Ji," declared the end of time, the Mayans predicted that the Earth will be in the Fifth Sun Ji Ying outcome to the complete extinction. When the end of the Fifth Sun Ji, the disappearance of the sun will definitely happen, the earth began to shake the big dramatic changes, according to prophecy said, Ji-sun only five cycles, but the sun had experienced a 5 times the death, the earth will be destroyed, and the fifth Ji-sun era began in 3113, after the Mayan great cycle in 5125, the final face. Only the current control of the end of calendar days in de December 21, 2012 after.

Does the Mayan prophecy have credibility? Do the human will be doomed?

The characteristics of the Mayan civilization

After understanding what is the Mayan civilization, Mayan civilization in depth understanding of several features.

Mayan civilization is old and mysterious , but there are a number of characteristics of evidence-based, the following lists are some the characteristics of the Mayan civilization:

*Maya civilization is belonging to stone priod, the Maya did not invent the use of bronze, not to mention the iron.
*Have a high level of construction technology, Maya will not be used, Cu, Fe, and will not use the wheel, although the concept of wheels and a small pottery objects appear as toys, but in real life there is no practical use. But they created a high degree of urban civilization.
*Fresh corn-based agriculture, it is also known as the "corn of civilization", but no cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, and no traces of animal husbandry, farmers use a very primitive farming called Millpa.
*They use two decimal for mathematics, discover and use the "zero" concept (one that is taught by the Olmec people), have a high degree of knowledge of mathematics and astronomical calendar.
*They use unique hieroglyphs: the Mayan language

Monday, July 13, 2009

The discovery of the Mayan civilization

The discovery of the Mayan civilization went through several periods:

In 1502, the last voyage of Columbus to the Americas, in a market of the Gulf, Honduras region, he saw a production of fine ceramic basin. According to local businessman said that the pottery from a basin called the "Maya" are shipped. This is the first Europeans heard the words "Maya," the name, and was apparently in no particular attention.

In 1511, and a Spanish ship from Panama sail to Santo Domingo, in the event of disaster the way the sinking, 12 survivors landed on the Yucatan peninsula. After two weeks, these people met Maya, there are five crew members has become sacrificers on the altar. The survivors managed to escape back to the occupied territories of Spain, their experience of the Europeans for the first time in the Mayan heartland.

In 1519, the Spanish explorer Cortez in the conquest of the Aztec Empire of Mexico after advancing to the north and west, in the Yucatan in 1542 established the first colony, after the gradual deepening of the Mayan region.

The mysterious disappearance of the Mayan civilization has been the biggest mystery of the Mayan civilization?

The mysterious disappearance of the Mayan civilization has been the biggest mystery of the Mayan civilization? Six centuries BC, the entire Mayan peoples left the city building, leaving the magnificent temples, towering pyramids solemn, neatly square with a statue and a wide playing field. The beginning of the decline of Mayan civilization, is no longer a sign of stone carving; to Tikal, the last piece of local stone, completed in the year 689, the entire Maya area last - pieces of stone were completed in 2009 in de Kowloon. In addition, the temples, palaces, such as the most representative of the Mayan civilization is no longer the construction of the building, painted pottery is no longer produced, and few ordinary people to build new buildings, cities around the sharp reduction in the population, archaeologists estimated at the time, Tikal population decrease at least 2.5%.

Aafter the eighth century, and it is allowed residential and invasive subtilis Street, so it turned into a King residue, what major changes made the Maya abandoned the beautiful motherland Jiangshan? Although the nation's history is also common due to the demise of the war, but not destroyed in the Mayan city of war, nor destroyed by natural disaster, which has been confirmed by historians.

It is said that the Mayan calendar in the West nine years of a 90 day, 80 percent of the population is obviously a sudden disappeared, leaving only the temple is not built. Then, from that day onwards, the wisdom of the ancestors is also the rapid disappearance of the Maya left behind ignorance and decadence began. Those who are left behind, on the one hand, "ah ah creak creak" and, alas, on the one hand, to teach the mystery of nature and found that law enforcement people and the sadness disappear.

From the early 10 century to found the American continent in 1492, about 600 years, the residents of Central America, trapped in the sky due to ignorance of the war, as well as and in the abyss of decadence. The sixteenth century Spanish Peninsula before entering Utah Gatan, only one of the original Mayan language, has differentiated into 27 different dialects.

In the Tikal ruins, the archaeologists found that many breakdown cover in the rock and under the arched roof of the tomb, but did not find any signs of repair. Near the temple and the palace of the murals have also been seriously damaged, stone figures have been many cases most of the face, Stone has been the diversion of other construction materials. These phenomena confirmed that foreign invasion, the Maya could not simply to resist it a rout. In the Yucatan Peninsula, the Maya before the Spanish invasion, on the decline due to the epidemic and civil strife, but the demise of the nineteenth century when the elimination of the Mayan jungle, but so far have no clues to trace.

At that time, not suddenly give up the pottery is no longer produced, but to give up their production methods, relatively thin restructuring pottery texture more refined. However, this pottery in the use of the near future, the Maya also gave up, probably due to the collapse of the traditional dominant class, on the pottery of the disappearance of the demand.

There is a body of scholars believe that because the city is not following the grain, was built in the jungle of the Maya empire, in order to find that no life here, they do an ethnic movement, came to dry Isatou Qi (Chich'en Itz'a) settlers, but also long before the demise of two centuries. Some scholars also believe that the Mayan empire outside attacks by the nomadic peoples, due to the occurrence of internal civil strife, subjected to changes in the entire empire, the rout directions, but the outcome can go a trace on both sides? No one can find a reasonable answer.

The reasons for the disappearance of the Mayan civilization, there are diverse views, the majority of people believe that earthquakes, hurricanes invasion, coupled with population explosion, food shortage, farmers intrusive alien riots and other reasons, caused the decline and fall of Maya civilization. However, the definite answer is yet to come, the secret to solve, like the jigsaw puzzle in general, at present, however has just begun.

What is the Mayan civilization?

What is the Mayan civilization?
The ancient Mayan civilization is the civilization which located in southeastern Mexico, Guatemala , Yucatan Peninsula , Central and South America region. And contrary to legend, the Mayans never disappeared; three million are still living in the Mayan Yucatan Peninsula, many people today still say words with the language of the Mayan languages. Maya had never had a single powerful kingdom, the whole area is divided into hundreds of Mayan city-states, but states in the Maya language, religion, customs and traditions and yet belong to the same cultural circle.

But the wisdom of our ancestors also the rapid disappearance of the Maya left behind ignorance and decadence began. Those who are left behind, on the one hand, "ah ah creak creak" and, alas, on the one hand, to teach the mystery of nature and found that law enforcement people and the sadness disappear.